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About Hair Loss


99% of all hair loss in men and women is caused by one thing, excessive oil caused by DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This oil, called sebum, clogs the pores of the scalp and restricts follicle growth. This loss is manifested in various ways, most commonly as a receding hairline. Hereditary male pattern baldness, which is properly known as androgenetic alopecia, is a condition afflicting approximately half of the males, by age of 50, and is the cause of overall thinning most often experienced by women. Another form of hair loss in women, alopecia areata is the sudden balding in irregular patches on the scalp. In most cases, the nervous system has been injured in some way, causing the affected area to be poorly nourished.

If you run your fingers through your hair and you come out with a handful, you have a hair loss problem—just as you would if you were to see a lot of hair in the drain or tub after washing your hair. Such massive hair loss is not natural, even if your father is bald.

If you are not shedding, your roots are not producing new hair. The formation of new growth depends entirely upon how much nourishment each papilla and root get from the blood stream and how clean the scalp is so the new hair can push its way through the surface.

The scalp, by the way, is the hardest place on our bodies for blood to reach. Like our fingertips and toes, it is an extremity.



Closeup of a Healthy and a Blocked Hair Follicle


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