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Hair Loss Products

Our "Mega" In Office Treatment


Specially designed to treat seborrheic dermatitis and excess secretion of the sebaceous glands. This formula will in most cases eliminate the need to use prescription drugs such as cortisone lotion. This formula acts as a cleanser of the scalp and hair follicles.


This highly concentrated preparation for scalp treatments contains biotin, panthenol and two vitamins. It also includes cystine, methione and Amino Acids, which are found in the hair shaft. It is used to stimulate production of protein at the follicle level and reduce activity of 5-alpha reductase (the enzyme responsible for the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or better know as DHT).


Silky ShampooNatural Silky Clean Clear Shampoo
Very mild, low detergent and mildly acidic. This shampoo contains substantial amounts of natural herbal complexes and silk Amino Acids. This mild formula, when used as directed, will not dry the scalp or trigger the sebaceous glands.


Conditioning RinseNatural Conditioning Rinse
This acid-balanced, non-oily formula, provides more body and makes styling easier after shampooing. It also fortifies the hair, giving more shine to dull hairs damaged by chemical treatments, such as perms and/or tints.



Hair SprayNatural Alcohol Free Hair Spray
Firm Holding Spray to be used after showering and styling the hair as a finishing product.




MousseNatural Elevating Styling Mousse
This firm holding mousse adds volume and body to your hair. Best when used while hair is still damp.






Our Apollo "Classic" Products

OrganicClassic Organic Shampoo

Using salon tested Apollo Classic Organic Shampoo is your first step to cleaner, healthier hair. This extra rich formula with Jojoba Oil mantains the natural moisture balance of the hair.

Acid balanced · Leaves hair manageable and easy to comb · Helps condition and clean the scalp · Removes excess oil · Safe for use on all color or chemically treated hair · So gentle, can be used daily · Excellent body cleanser.


Keratin ShampooClassic Keratin Shampoo

It’s extra rich Panthenaol formula for dry hair cleans your scalp while conditioning and moisturizing your hair.

Contains all natural Keratin Proteins · Excellent for baby fine hair · Safe for use on all color or chemically treated hair · Acid balanced · Helps replace lost moisture · Leaves hair manageable and easy to comb · Adds luster and sheen · So gentle, can be used daily · Highly recommended for ethnic use · May help with Psoriasis of the scalp.


Kiwi ShampooClassic Kiwi Shampoo

Apollo Classic Essence of Kiwi Shampoo is uniquely formulated with natural plant proteins and extracts of the kiwi fruit. These plant proteins and cleansing agents gently purify while nourishing hair and scalp with natural moisturizers.

Increases body · Reduces fly away hairs · Enhances wet and dry combing · Adds sheen.


Moisture BalanceClassic Moisture Balance

Apollo Classic Moisture Balance is a deep penetrating hair treatment that restores the essential moisture to chemically treated or dry hair.

Restores moisture to permed hair · Excellent for tinted and bleached hair · Eliminates damage due to dryness · Adds strength and elasticity · Helps replace lost moisture · Provides protection from sun damage.


ReconstructorClassic Reconstructor

Apollo Classic Reconstructor is perfect for dramatically healthier hair.

Increases hair strength and elasticity · Restores moisture and sheen · Recommended for use after all chemical processes · Acid balanced · Stops hair breakage · Highly recommended for ethnic use · Added sunscreens.


Wet PhaseClassic Wet Phase

Apollo Classic, Wet Phase is the unique styling lotion that enables the stylist to achieve today’s look in hair fashion. Use to sculpture and shape hair for a wet or natural style. A versitile designing tool that’s perfect for every styling method.

Non flaking · Provides full body and volume · Excellent for baby fine hair · Adds sheen · Non drying, alcohol free · Added sunscreens.


Power DuoClassic Power Duo

Apollo Classic, POWER-DUO Detangler and Leave-in Conditioner is a revolutionary new, two-phase formula that provides the maximum level of detangling and smoothing available today. POWER-DUO is truly two distinct ingredients in one.


Cuticle Pro-TecClassic Cuticle Pro-Tec

Excellent for a pre-wrap while perming human hair. It evens out the porosity for a more uniform curl. Minimizes chemical damage from perm solutions. Use after perm to close the cuticle. A must for blondes or fine thin limp hair. It retards humidity from the air. Leaves hair weightless. Can be sprayed on wet or dry hair. Great for a curl pick-up. Low ph to close the cuticle.


Stick UpClassic Stick-Up

Apollo Classic Stick-Up Spray is the ultimate holding tool. Dries instantly to lock the most demanding hair style in place. Provides luster and sheen without being tacky. Use to spike, scrunch, and stick-up hair. Unique dual resin compound is specially formulated for superior holding power.

Extra firm hold · Fast drying · Non flaking · Non tacky · Adds luster and sheen · Water soluble.


Leave-InClassic Leave-In

Apollo Classic Leave-In leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable. It helps to protect your hair while delivering moisture and extra volume. Non-static. Will not leave the hair limp. Detangles and moisturizes.




Nutrition Supplements

Vita_Pecia SupplementsVita-Pecia
- An exclusive formula designed to accomplish two desired results: First, it provides necessary nourishment to the papilla, follicle and hair bulb. This maximizes your own body potential to retain and/or regrow hair. Second, Vita-Pecia enables your body's pathology to limit and retard over-production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Vita-Pecia is formulated with biotin, copper, inositol, silica and saw palmetto. Studies from reputable institutions show that these incredients tend to prevent hair loss and promote natural hair growth.


Vita-Pecia for Women SupplementsV-P for Women - A scientifically approved synergistic formula to attack thinning hair, hair loss and allow for meaningful growth for women. Contains SEPIA, known as a natural aid for hair loss control.



Hair Full supplementsHair-Full - A combined formula prepared to encourage the quantity and quality of blood flow to the papilla, follicle, and hair bulb. Formulated to increase the size and quantity of capillaries, thereby increasing blood flow arriving at the point of hair growth.



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