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Nutrition Supplements

Vita_Pecia SupplementsVita-Pecia
- An exclusive formula designed to accomplish two desired results: First, it provides necessary nourishment to the papilla, follicle and hair bulb. This maximizes your own body potential to retain and/or regrow hair. Second, Vita-Pecia enables your body's pathology to limit and retard over-production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Vita-Pecia is formulated with biotin, copper, inositol, silica and saw palmetto. Studies from reputable institutions show that these incredients tend to prevent hair loss and promote natural hair growth.


Vita-Pecia for Women SupplementsV-P for Women - A scientifically approved synergistic formula to attack thinning hair, hair loss and allow for meaningful growth for women. Contains SEPIA, known as a natural aid for hair loss control.



Hair Full supplementsHair-Full - A combined formula prepared to encourage the quantity and quality of blood flow to the papilla, follicle, and hair bulb. Formulated to increase the size and quantity of capillaries, thereby increasing blood flow arriving at the point of hair growth.



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