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" I was concerned that if I didn't actually get a hair transplant, I could never really say this is my hair.But, with the Apollo Cosmetic Reconstruction procedure, it's my hair. I wash, dry and comb, and I know it looks, and feels, great. "

" I started losing my hair when I was in my early 20's. I tried everything that was on the market, but nothing seemed to work for me. I tried traditional hair replacement which was fine, but it still had a lot a daily maintenance. My wife was uncomfortable running her hands through my hair. I went to Apollo and to my amazement they had this new procedure called the Apollo Cosmetic Reconstruction. It's everything I ever wanted. I can run my hands through my hair, my wife can, she feels comfortable, I feel comfortable. It's everything I wanted, and more. "

" Ten years ago, when I started losing my hair, I had the traditional hair replacement done. At the time, I was happy, because it solved my balding problem. I looked a lot better, but over the years, I became uncomfortable running my fingers through my hair, much less letting anyone else do it. Now, with ACR, not only do I have great looking hair, but I have total confidence in how it feels. My hair feels as good as it looks! "

" Four years ago, I started losing my hair, and I was devastated! I was very uncomfortable with my hair, but now that I'm with Apollo, I'm so happy, I love what Apollo has done for me - It's totally changed my life. My husband loves my hair, and it feels so natural. He can run his fingers through it, and he loves it! Thank you so much Apollo. "


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